The Restaurant


Based in Queensway In Bletchley, Veggie World is a much-needed enterprise
in the Milton Keynes region, as it is one of the few companies of Its kind
which openly welcomes meat-eaters who wish to experiment with a meat-free
diet prior to making the decision of whether to give up meat-based dishes and products.

Eschewing the tired old notion that a meal needs meat in order for It to be
complete, the Veggie World Chinese restaurant is a bastion of healthy,
cruelty-free eating, offering a wealth of exciting and stimulating dishes
that are both imaginative and exciting- and not just for vegetarian or vegans.

Visitors to the restaurant will find that it adheres to the traditional Chinese
approach to meal presentation, whereby each dish is created in a harmonious
balance of colour, texture and flavour. As well as an exciting blend of both local
and exotic vegetables, the restaurant also utilises the unique character of soya
protein, tofu or other ingredients bonded together to simulate various kinds of meats.

Anyone who wonders why vegetarians opt for meals which appear to mimic
meat-based products should consider the fact that there is no animal which
looks like a sausage or burger! So veggie versions of these are as natural
(if not more so) than the meat-sourced products they are based on.

In fact, the word 'meat' appears on the Veggie World restaurant menu reasonably
regularly, even though everything that comes out of the kitchen is 100 per cent
meat-free, as the core reason that Veggie World offer meals that resemble a type
or flavour of meat is to introduce non-vegetarian to a new world of meat-free
cuisine – showing them that, although some dishes may appear similar to their
regular meat-based meals, they are nevertheless tastier, healthier, more
environmentally-friendly and perhaps most important of all, no animals will
have to live in inhumane conditions or be slaughtered purely to satisfy Man’s need for food